How can I help you solve your problems?

We are taught that riding should be and look like an effortless performance. Our every movement, feeling or thought will be precisely timed with our horse's. Our skill at mastering the horse should be graceful and fluid and the skill once gained feels utterly natural as if we've possessed it all of our lives. The overall picture adds up to an elegant process from which talent will bloom. However, the reality is usually far different from the ideal picture we hold in our heads.


This is where I will help you and your horse. 


Everything is broken down into small chunks. Firstly you look at the exercise as a whole, finished picture. Secondly you divide the exercise into the smallest possible chunks. Thirdly, you play with time, slowing the action down (then speeding it up).


Going slow allows you to attend closely to errors, creating a higher degree of precision. You take the chunks and connect them to get a rock solid foundation from which to build and grow, allowing the horse to find comfort and ease within the movement. Repetition is invaluable and irreplaceable and you will practice concentration... a lot!!


You will develop feel - something you can't fake, borrow, buy or steal.