What to expect from your lesson


1. Please fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page. If you prefer, you can also call me on 07917 700 020 and leave a message if I am teaching. I will always get back to you as soon as I can.


2. During the first 15 minutes of your first session, I will do a conformation analysis and will gently feel over the horses body. If you are riding I will do a quick check of saddle fit. We will then move onto gait analysis. Either ridden or in hand, I will video the horses movement in all paces on both reins. This allows me to evaluate and identify any asymmetries or abnormalities in locomotion that may be detrimental and be the cause of existing lameness or possible future lameness. At the same time, I will assess the rider/handler  as it is vital that their movement and posture is corrected to the best of their ability at the time. The session concludes with advice and exercise regime.


3. Going forward, we will utilise the latest gymnastic exercises and combine them with correct dressage movements or work over jumps, depending on what you'd like to work on. Each session will concentrate on correct biomechanics for the rider and the horse making subtle adjustments to improve co-ordination, balance, feel and confidence. You will gain a deeper understanding of how to ride a movement and more importantly why you need to do certain movements at certain times.



Training - £50 per  hour


 Rehabilitation/training - by arrangement


I am happy to travel subject to arrangement and travel costs


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Rider forms
You need only complete these once we have spoken and you have booked your lesson.
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